1. What is ICDL Primer?

ICDL Primer acts as an assessment tool offering effective practice tests for candidates prior to taking ICDL exam. It is designed to look and feel like the ICDL ‘live’ exam to assist candidates in qualifying their existing skills and preparing for taking ICDL exams. This tool is available in Arabic and English.

2. How do I access ICDL Primer Tests?

To access the ICDL Primer, one should own a username and password to login to the system. The login screen is as shown in fig (1).

After login, a page is displayed containing list of available tests fig (2). The user can select any test and click on ‘Start’ to initiate the test.

3. Are there any time limitations for taking ICDL primer tests?

The ICDL primer tests can be taken for a duration of twenty hours only. After the specified time period, the username would become inactive.

4. ICDL Primer Tool Compatibility:

ICDL Primer Tool is tested on and compatible with the following:

Operating System : Windows XP/Office 2003 or 2007 and Windows Vista Business/Office 2007 and Windows 7(Ultimate or Home Premium)/Office 2007

Browser : Internet Explorer 6/7/8 with ActiveX enabled

It is recommended to have:

  • Full User/Candidate access to all MS Office applications (Full Control).
  • Full install of MS Office. This includes such items as PowerPoint Organizational charts and spellcheckers. Incomplete MS Office Installations may cause the tests to ‘freeze’.

5. I cannot launch the test from ICDL Primer as no questions are shown. What do I need to do?

A new web page should open showing the questions tool bar, so make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled for the tests website, as the following: Click on the blocked message (‘pop-up blocked’) in the browser and select the option ‘Always allow pop-ups from this site’. This would allow all tests to be launched from ICDL Primer without any error messages from the pop-up blocker.

Also, you need to check any additional pop-up blocker included in toolbars from providers like Yahoo, msn, Google,… etc.

6. Where can I change my pop-up blocker settings to allow all the pop-ups from litmuslink.com?

To allow all the pop-ups from litmuslink.com, you need to go to your browser menu bar, select the Tools Menu and select pop-up blocker as shown below. In that, select the pop-up blocker settings and add the link www.litmuslink.com to allow pop-ups from this site. Also, the filter level should be set to medium.

7. I am unable to take the test, as I am getting the following error. What should I do?

This error occurs because the ATSOnlineSupportFiles are not installed. To install this, click on ‘Help’ and a pop-up box comes up asking the user to run or save the file. Choose the option to ‘save’ the file and after saving, click on ‘Run’. Follow the instructions and complete the installation. It is recommended to install the SupportFiles before launching any test.

8. I am unable to download the supportfiles from litmuslink.com as my browser has blocked the downloads. What do I need to do?

These messages are usually displayed in the latest versions of Internet Explorer (Windows XP Service Pack2) due to security reasons. The pop-up information states that a download has been blocked. To continue with the download, you need to right click the yellow bar and select download file as shown below.

9. How do I install the ActiveX component from the Test Toolbar?

On the toolbar, click on the statement that instructs to install the ActiveX Component. A dialog box pops up (as shown in fig). Click on Install and follow the instructions.